Newmarch Genealogy

Some added information on the Newmarch line which is not Winteringham oriented

The beautiful Normandie village of Neuf Marche - the ancestral village of the Newmarch family


I found your site and it looks great.  Since my interest is genealogy, I checked out some of the material you posted.  I have two questions:

1. I have several descents from Newmarch families. The first is from Bernard through his daughter Sybil that I easily found on your chart.
The second is from Adam Newmarch through his daughter Margery who married Jordan Foliot. This line is referenced from the "Complete Peerage" by Cockayne in Vol. V, pp. 539-540. I have Margery dying in 1330.  I note a number of Adams in your chart, but none that seem to match with mine.  Can you tell me if my Adam does connect to your chart?  If not, do you know anything about him?

2. My second question is about the Marmion family. I have a
book titled "Domesday Descendants, " by Katherine Keats-Rohan. On page 1032, a series of listings are provided for Marmions who are identified as holding Winteringham from Walter de Gand.  The early sequence begins:
a. Robert Marmion (d. c1106) married Hadvisa and were parents of:
b. Roger Marmion (d. 1129) married daughter of Urse de Abitot and were parents of:
c. Robert II Marmion (d. c1144) married Melisende and were parents of:
d. Robert III Marmion (d. 1218) who held four fees in Winteringham of Gilbert de Gand.

My question concerns the further descent from Robert III.  I have a Robert Marmion married to Avice Tanfield as the parents of William Marmion who married Loretta Dovers/Douvres (c 1248). The dates suggest this Robert might be the son of Robert III, or possibly be Robert III.  Do you have any information regarding the Marmions of Winteringham that might help me connect my Robert to the identified Marmion line? And, if I might be a little greedy, do you recognize the Tanfield family?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


Gordon Kirkemo
Olympia, WA  USA